Large garden statues wall relief sculpture

Item No.: RJV177
•Material:Ultralight Foamed Ceramic
•High waterproof,ultralight ,High strength
•Width 400mm-3000mm
•Length 400mm-3000mm
•Deep 60mm-120mm
Architectural sculpture wall

This Large garden statues wall relief sculpture is a beautiful and elegant work of art. Suitable for garden, commercial and residential places.


Our Large garden statues wall relief sculpture are modeled after original historical patterns and designs. We use CNC  carved technology for an original piece. Being CNC carved each piece is richly detailed with deep relief, sharp lines and a truly unique touch. We use our high-density ultralight foamed ceramic to form each new ultralight foamed ceramic sculpture flower relief for wall decor.The finished look is a beautifully detailed, light weight, solid construction, focal piece. This Large garden statues wall relief sculpture for wall decor for exterior wall and interior wall.Large garden statues wall relief sculpture for wall decor are light weight for easy installation. They are fully primed and ready for your paint.

•Product type:Large garden statues wall relief sculpture

•Material:NEW Ultralight foamed ceramic (fired under 1300 centigrade degree in the kiln)
•Molding Use:Exterior & Interior wall dcoration
•Width 400mm-3000mm
•Length 400mm-3000mm
•Deep 60mm-120mm

•NEW CNC carving technology
•Freezing resistance:-30°c to 70°c
•Compressive strength:6.8MPa(1000N)
•Water absorption:<1% high waterproof
•Fire resistance:Grade A1 
•Noice reduction:30-55db
•Green Eco-friendly
•100 years quality warranty

Large garden statues wall relief sculpture for wall decor are utilizes ultralight NEW foamed ceramic high waterproof,High strength
•Installation :Installation instructions ,ceramic glue or installation screws hardware
Large garden statues wall relief sculpture for wall decor  provide ODM service

“When I first became a designer, my customer said to me : You are a designer, not a fighter; so your works should be the affinity but not the icy cold. If just make it different from others, that is not design, it is just one of your fantasies.” Said by RETOP designer Emre Sidal.Despite the raise up trends of peer competition, but product homogenization is fully a lie; first the different level material, second the different design detail, third the different business concept; every time the consumer attitudes change, the loser is always the follower who has no he own idea. RETOP keeps its unique business concept, maybe its products is not popular to everyone due to the inherent product style, but this will not change its design direction.Makes the design not a fantasies, it should be a part of the space. Explore the beauty of Architecture design & decor, RETOP will do, and you will do as well !

Architectural Carving wall
Art relief Sculpture 

Large garden statues wall relief sculpture
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